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As one of the first terminals in Amsterdam (established in 1964), NWB has more than 50 years’ experience in handling liquid bulk. We are focused on the storage and handling of potable, industrial and fuel grades of ethanol. As an independent terminal, our operational flexibility and efficiency, and excellent customer satisfaction sets us apart.

We are a lean and flexible organisation and whether you require short-term or longer term storage capacity we will always do our utmost to align ourselves with the needs and goals of our customers.

Our terminal

NWB is strategically located in the port of Amsterdam, the fourth largest port in Europe, with excellent connections to the rest of Europe via road, rail and waterway infrastructure. With access for vessels and barges at our private 10 metre draft jetty, our 7-railcar platform and 6 tank truck platforms for simultaneous loading, we are uniquely positioned to serve as your gateway for ethanol into or out of Europe.

A total of 99 above-ground storage tanks of various sizes from 100 cbm up to 2.150 cbm provide a total storage capacity of approx. 60.000 cbm with a significant number of stainless steel tanks. We ensure that operations are completed as soon as possible: we care for our customer’s time. No time slots are needed for railcars or truck loading as we work on a first come, first served basis.


Nominal Capacity 60.000m³

Above-ground storage tanks 99

Tank size 100m³ < 2.150m³

Jetty draft 10.10 metres (LOA 185 metres)

Railcar access 7 RTCs

Tank-truck weighbridge 1

Tank-truck loading areas 6


NWB can take care of your in-/outbound IBCs as well as the storage of ethanol products. NWB has three warehouses available for the storage of packaged ethanol products (IBCs and drums) with a storage capacity/space ranging from 220 to 450mt with a total capacity 1045mt. Two warehouses are available for ADR classes 6.1 and 8 (K3), and one warehouse is available for ADR class 3 (K1/K2). NWB can also provide IBCs for purchase, and offers denaturing services.

NWB also has an IBC filling instillation (tap warehouse) available. It is possible to fill barrels (200L) or IBCs (1000L), either from an underground tank or from a tank truck/container.



Food grade ethanol
Food grade ethanol for human consumption (non-denatured alcohol)
Of organic, agricultural origin: made from sugar beet, sugarcane, corn, wheat and grain etc.
Alcohol used in the food & beverage industry
Pharmaceutical ethanol
Alcohol used to produce drugs, disinfectants and other medicinal products
Also used in cosmetic products
Industrial ethanol (ethyl alcohol)
Alcohol used in factories and manufacturing, or also for fuel
Also used in cosmetic products
Industrial alcohol can be denatured, making it unfit for human consumption
Ethyl alcohol is a sustainable alternative to fossil-fuels in many products
Denatured alcohol
Ethyl alcohol that is not suitable for human consumption
Denaturants that we currently work with: 

MEK / IPA / Bitrex / TBA / Euro Denaturant / ETAC / Toluene / IPAC / DEP

Rums & Spirits
Distilled spirits including rum and vodka

Our Team

At NWB, customer service is not a department, but our way of doing business. We strive to satisfy our customers in the long term and we always try to provide the best solutions. We dedicate ourselves to complete customer satisfaction and we are proud of our track record and reputation within the market. 

Hans van der Loeff

General Manager

Nick Koomen

Logistics Manager

Ismail Dovermann

HSE Manager

Maurice Koeman

Project Manager

Amy Hirst

Customer Service & Planning

Marjolein Laumans

Customer Service & Planning

Dennis Brinksma

Customer Service & Planning

Jolanda Doesburg

Customer Service & Planning

Bas Emmah

Maintenance Manager

Valentijn de Paepe

Shift Leader

Marius Oancea

Shift Leader

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    Port of Amsterdam

    The Amsterdam port region is one of the world’s largest logistics hubs. Handling 100 million tonnes in cargo traffic annually, making it one of Europe’s busiest seaports. The port’s strategic and central location within Europe makes it easily accessible and ensures excellent connections to all major European markets.

    Working at NWB

    Current Vacancy: Process Operator

    Would you like to join the team at NWB? We are currently looking for new process operators! Please see the job description below. Interested? Please reach out to us on +31 (0) 20 6136600 or info@nwb.eu